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Tragic Crash at Niagara Rainbow Bridge Claims Two Lives

2 people killed in car explosion on the Niagara Rainbow Bridge crash.

“Our investigation at the scene of the Rainbow Bridge crash incident has come to an end, FBI Buffalo. No explosive materials or connections to terrorism were found during the scene search, according to an agency statement.

The information indicates that there was a car explosion on the Rainbow Bridge close to Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border, causing the bridge to close to traffic. The FBI announced that evening that it was handing over the Niagara Falls Police Department’s traffic investigation of the vehicle crash and explosion that had happened at the border earlier in the day.

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During the press conference, she also informed the reporters that there were no signs of explosives at the scene. In the US, the governor of New York declared that the event was an unfortunate explosion and accident rather than the product of terrorism. According to American media, there were two fatalities in the car. The explosion happened during the second check, following a border post.

The car accelerated and collided with a barrier when it was chosen for inspection a second time. Following the explosion, four border crossings between the United States and Canada were closed. Over the Niagara River, the United States and Canada are connected by the Rainbow Bridge.

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