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Indian Company Planing to Send Tourist Capsules into Space 2025

Indian Company Planing to Send Tourist Capsules into Space 2025

Based in Mumbai, Aerospace Technology has already started production of a space capsule that can carry six people

In a recent science exhibition called ‘Akash Thatva,’ an Indian company called ‘Aerospace Technology’ presented its prototype space capsule called SKAP 1, which impressed not only scientists but also ordinary people.

One of the Indian company wants to ferry tourists in a spaceship attached to a million-high-altitude balloon system. This planing is expected to be completed by 2025, according to the company. Aura Aerospace Technology Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, is developing a unique space capsule inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The under-construction space capsule measures 10 feet by 8 feet and can carry six tourists and one pilot. The capsule, on the other hand, will remain within a 35-kilometer radius of the Earth.


SKAP 1, a new prototype space capsule, was presented at the Akash Thatva science exhibition, where it drew a lot of attention. Space Aura founder and CEO Akash Porwal told PTI that the company’s goal is to begin taking flights in 2025, with tourists being sent near space by balloon-propelled capsule. There are two places in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh that have been identified as potential launch sites for spacecraft. However, he stated that the final selected points will be considered in this regard. Porwal claims that the company is working hard to achieve its objectives with the assistance of ISRO and TIFR scientists.

This space capsule will be propelled by a balloon and will include all modern amenities, medical facilities, and an information system. This balloon will be filled with helium or hydrogen gas and will fly approximately 30 to 35 kilometers above sea level. Our tourists will be able to see Earth’s curvature and the blackness of space for about an hour here, he said. In terms of landing, this space balloon will be slowly deflated, and a parachute will be unpacked for a safer landing.

The intention, according to Referencing, is to entice space tourists to India by offering them a blend of space travel and Indian culture. In contrast to SpaceX and Blue Origin, he continued, “our company will help space travellers journey to space at a considerably lower cost.” Due to this, the price of a spacecraft flight has not yet been established but is anticipated to be in the range of INR 50 lakh.


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