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Indian star Salman Khan shared the poster of Tiger 3

Salman Khan’s fans eagerly await Tiger 3, hitting theaters on Nov 10.

The poster of Tiger 3, Salman Khan recently shared on his Instagram page. In this picture, Salman Khan is holding a revolver. He is wearing a jacket, black pants, and he is wearing a white and black scarf around his neck. His namesake Avinash Singh Rathore, and Tiger too, will play the role in the film.

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Salman Khan will come to Pakistan for the story of his new film Tiger 3. According to insider sources, Salman Khan and Imraan Hashmi will play Pakistani and Indian secret agents in the upcoming action thriller and fans can expect action-packed scenes.

Directed by Manish Sharma, the film will release on November 10. Shahrukh Khan will also be seen in a cameo in the film.

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