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Singer Sharafat Ali Dead in Mianwali Traffic Accident

Mianwali car accident claim seven lives including artist Sharafat Ali.

Rescue officials claim that the accident occurred late at night due to high speed near Van Bachharan Pakka Ghanjira, in the Mianwali district.

As soon as the automobile crashed into the canal, all of the victims’ bodies were removed and transferred to a local hospital. The well-known Siraiki vocalist Shrafat Ali Khelvi is among the incident’s victims as well.

According to reports, singer Sharafat Ali was on his way back home following a wedding. The identities of the other six passengers in the car with him are not immediately known, though.

Soon after receiving the information, police also arrived at the scene and began investigating to determine what caused the tragedy. The police gave the singer’s family the bag containing cash that was discovered in the singer’s car after the collision.

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