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Police Officer Killed in Firing on Turbat Election Commissioner Office

Policeman killed in firing at the Turbat election commissioner office.

On Thursday, gunfire broke out at the provincial election commissioner office in Turbat, killing one police officer.

Unidentified individuals opened fire on a police officer who was on duty outside the regional election commissioner’s office, resulting in his death. He was recognized as Shabbir’s son Namroz.

Ali Mardan Khan Domki, the acting chief minister of Balochistan, denounced the shooting incident that occurred inside the regional election commissioner’s office and called it an attempt to sabotage the electoral process.

He sent his sympathies to the family of the slain policeman and requested a report on the situation from the interior ministry.

Domki stated that both the general election candidates in 2024 and the general public would be guaranteed peace under the caretaker government.

Conversely, on Thursday a time device burst in the Sui district of Balochistan, injuring two persons.

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