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Internet facility will be available on election day, PTA

According to the Telecommunication Authority, the internet will not be shut down on election day.

ISLAMABAD: (PTA) has issued a statement regarding possible internet shutdown on election day, to allay fears and provide clarity on the situation.

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The government has clearly stated through the PTA that there is no plan to shut down the internet on the upcoming election day. Users can expect uninterrupted internet services to be accessible throughout the duration of the election process.

In a public address, the PTA reiterated that on election day, internet facilities will be fully functional, ensuring that users can continue to use online services without any disruption. Additionally, PTA guarantees that there will be no interruption or downtime in the operation of the Internet system.

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The government and the PTA have reiterated their commitment to uphold democratic principles and conduct transparent elections, which is a relief to both residents and stakeholders. Voters and observers can stay informed and connected throughout the election process as net connectivity is assured.

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