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Is Reham Khan Getting for the Third Divorce?

Reham Khan address rumored 3 divorce, dispel speculation in interview.

According to latest international news Reham Khan refuting the rumors about the divorce and told those who were spreading them to focus on their own lives. This week, she conveyed in a social media message on site “X” that it didn’t matter to others if she got married or divorced 12 times. She added that things would turn out very differently if people gave as much thought to their careers, children, sister’s wedding, or their own married lives

Muzaffar Bilal, Reham Khan’s third husband, is also shown in the video. This December of last year, Reham Khan and his third husband tied the knot. Muzaffar Bilal is connected to the entertainment industry.

In a clarification video, Bilal Muzaffar discussed the circulating rumors and said that people who fabricate stories typically have a relationship to one person. He suggested that they change their tweets just a little bit so that it is obvious that they are from the same person.

According to world news headlines Bilal Muzaffar, the third husband of Reham Khan, is an actor and model who has previously contributed humor to political situations in political comedy shows on Pakistani TV networks.

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