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Farah Gogi’s Corruption Revelations Shock Public

Farhat Shahzadi allegedly got Vanuatu passport via Pakistani tycoon.

The sources stated that, just days before the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was overthrown in a motion of no confidence, Imran Khan and Bushra Begum acquired the passport via the son of a well-known real estate mogul.

According to today latest news, the tycoon’s son paid $130,000 for the Vanuatu passport.

On March 28, 2022, Bushra Begum purportedly received the passport and subsequently passed it to Shahzadi, also known as Farah Gogi.

Days before the successful no-confidence vote on April 3, Khan removed Gogi from office, and she departed the nation using her Pakistani passport.

To hide her movement from law enforcement, she used her Vanuatu passport to travel the remaining distance.

The Vanuatu passport was allegedly the basis for Gogi’s international travels and foreign bank accounts, according to the sources.

Gogi has not been in the nation since last April, when he was allegedly the front person for Imran Khan and Bushra Begum. According to latest news headlines that surfaced a few days ago, her assets increased by Rs4,520 million between 2017 and 20.

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