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Israel Brutal Bombing, More Palestinian Martyrs in Different Areas

As a result of the Israel brutal bombing, more Palestinians martyred.

As a result of Israel brutal bombing, more than 50 Palestinians have been martyred in the last 24 hours in various areas including Khan Younis.

According to the report of private TV news, more than 50 Palestinians were martyred and many were injured as a result of Israel’s bombing in Jabalia, Khan Younis and Central Gaza.

Israeli bombing in Khan Yunis killed one more Israeli hostage, bringing the number of hostages killed by Israel’s own bombing to 35.

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In the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army targeted the Shafaat refugee camp with tear gas shells. Many places were damaged by fire.

Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas have killed 14 Israeli soldiers and wounded many others in retaliation, but there is no relief for the Palestinians who are deprived of hospitals and aid.

Israel also carried out airstrikes on Lebanese areas adjacent to the Syrian border, which, according to initial reports, did not cause any casualties.

Hezbollah says that our camp was targeted by Israeli drone strikes in eastern Lebanon, but there were no casualties. We shot down an Israeli drone.

Slovenia’s representative in the UN Security Council, Samuel Zoger, said that we voted in favor of the resolution so that the massacre of civilians in Gaza could stop. A human can face.

French Ambassador Nicolas de Reverie said that the human deaths and human suffering are intolerable and Israeli operations must stop.

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