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World Central Kitchen Resume Serving Food to Gaza

World Central Kitchen (WCK) will resume operations in the Gaza Strip.

Month after an Israeli air strike killed seven employees of the US-based charity, World Central Kitchen (WCK) will resume operations in the Gaza Strip.

Before suspending its activities, the WCK had provided approximately 43 million meals to Gaza residents since October, which, according to its own estimates, was 62 percent of all aid provided by foreign NGOs.

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The nonprofit claimed that in addition to sending trucks from Jordan to Gaza, it has 276 vehicles loaded with over 8 million food equivalents that are prepared to cross the Rafah crossing.

The charity’s CEO, Erin Gore, stated that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is still grave. We are returning to work with the same vigor, respect, and determination to feed as many people as we can.

The deaths on April 1 provoked strong criticism and calls for an explanation from the US and other supporters of Israel.

Israel said its inquiry found serious mistakes and procedural violations by its military, firing two senior officers and reprimanding senior commanders.

WCK is demanding an independent investigation.

Israel’s six-month war against Hamas in Gaza began after the militant group’s attack in southern Israel on October 7, when more than 250 hostages were taken and nearly 1,200 people were killed.

According to Palestinian health officials, Israel’s aggression has resulted in more than 34,000 deaths and created a humanitarian crisis for the enclave’s more than two million residents.

“We have to decide whether to stop feeding altogether during one of the biggest hunger crises,” Gore added. Or continue to feed, knowing that civilians, aid workers and aid are being killed or intimidated.

These are the most difficult negotiations, and we must consider all perspectives when making decisions. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we have to keep feeding people and fulfill our purpose of being there to deliver food to people when they need it.

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