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Israel’s Announcement of Strong Response to the Iranian Attack

Israel’s Announcement of full Strong Response to the Iranian Attack.

Israel’s military chief of staff, Herzi Halvi, reportedly told the media that his country will response forcefully to the Iranian attack, but he withheld further information.

This was said by Israeli Army Chief Lt. Gen. Herzi Halvi to his troops during a visit to the recently attacked New Atim Air Base, which was targeted by Iranian missiles.

Lt. Gen. Herzi Halvi, the Israeli army’s chief of staff, also gave the soldiers at New Atim Air Base encouragement.

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What will be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Iran’s first direct attack? The news agency claims that the Israeli army was unable to decide how and when to respond to the Iranian attacks. Regarding this, a final decision has not yet been taken.

However, in light of growing concerns over escalating hostilities in the Middle East following the Iranian assaults, the international community is pushing Iran and Israel to exercise caution.

Furthermore, Israel’s authorities have relaxed emergency protocols, removing limitations on school activities and reducing limits on big gatherings, despite the country being on high alert at the moment.

Attackers will cut off their hands: Iran

On the other hand, according to the report of the Qatari Broadcasting Agency, Iran’s military spokesman says that if anyone attacks Iran, his hands will be cut off.

“We do not want to spread the war in the region, but we will cut off the hands of those who attack Iran,” wrote the spokesperson of the Iranian army on the social media platform X.

It should be noted that on the night of April 13, Iran fired about 300 drones and cruise missiles at Israel, which was named Operation True Promise, and Israeli defense installations and military bases were targeted in the attack.

Iranian media claims that this attack is retaliation for the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, which resulted in the martyrdom of 12 individuals, including the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

It should be remembered that after 1973, Israel has been targeted by a country for the first time.

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