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Items will be Available at Lower Prices in Ramadan

Pak federal govt announce relief package for people during of Ramadan.

Approval for the Ramadan relief package will be taken from the ECC and the federal cabinet.

According to sources, in view of rising inflation, the government has decided that various food items will be sold at much cheaper prices at utility stores. For which a Ramadan relief package will be given on certain items.

About this, the Ministry of Industry and Production says that subsidy will be given on 19 essential food items in the month of Ramadan. Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) registered beneficiaries will be benefited under this facility.

Sources say that in the relief package of Ramadan 2023 on utility stores, a reduction of 3 billion 28 crore rupees has been proposed this year compared to last year.

In this year 2023, the government has decided to give Rs 4 billion 99 crore 70 lakh Karmazan package to utility stores. While the PTI government was able to give a Ramadan package worth Rs 8 billion 28 crore last year.

Under this Ramadan relief package, the government has given Rs 100 per kg for ghee, tea, Rs 51 per kg for flour, Rs 30 per kg for sugar, milk and beverages, Rs 50 per kg for besan and dates, pulses and rice. But a decision has been made to give a subsidy of Rs.20 per kg and about Rs.25 on oil.

Apart from BISP beneficiaries, it has been proposed to give subsidy of Rs.27 per kg on flour, Rs.11 per kg on sugar and Rs.25 per kg on ghee.

It should be clear that this Ramadan relief package is being given by the government to provide convenience to the people, especially the poor.

Ramadan calendar 2023

Items will be Available at Lower Prices During Ramadan

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