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Electricity Tariff Likely to Increased by Rs 5.63 Per Unit

Electricity tariff by Rs 5.63 per unit due to monthly fuel adjustment.

Because of the monthly fuel adjustment (MFA), the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is anticipated to increase the electricity tariff by Rs 5.63 per unit.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has petitioned NEPRA to raise the power pricing by Rs5.63 per unit for December 2023 as part of the fuel monthly adjustment.

NEPRA will consider the CPPA’s appeal tomorrow; if accepted, it will put an extra Rs49 billion on power users, who are already feeling the strain of the nation’s high inflation rate.

With the additional recoveries scheduled for June of this year, the decision to increase the power rate intends to maintain the electricity tariff.

It is important to remember that NEPRA had already increased the power tariff for November under the fuel adjustment by Rs. 4.13 per unit.

Prior to this, NEPRA had approved the price increase at the behest of the caretaker administration in order to guarantee a uniform electricity rate across the country.

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