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Kevin Schmidt Gets $20,000 Every 6 Months to Change the Bulb

Consider climbing a 1500-foot communication mast, which is quite high.

For most of us, being so high above the ground might be terrifying, but for people like Kevin Schmidt, it’s just a typical aspect of their job.

For his work at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications, Kevin Schmidt must scale these high poles in order to change lightbulbs.

Even though it’s dangerous, he makes a lot of money—about $20,000 (around Rs 57.6 lakh)—for each climb. This demonstrates how special and different his job is.

In this interesting video, Schmidt fearlessly replaces a lightbulb atop a TV broadcast antenna.

This reveals the fascinating and occasionally ignored world of those who work as professional tower climbers. It’s pretty astounding that they do it every day.

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