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Khan Entered Pakistani Politics to advance a Larger Goal: PDM Leader

PTI’s Imran Khan entered politics for global agenda – Fazlur Rehman.

Speaking to the media at his home, the PDM leader claimed that there is no instance of a criminal being tried by the Supreme Court due to the way that criminals are supported by those courts as well as the Lahore High Court and Islamabad High Court.

The honorable court’s reputation is being tarnished by these activities, he claimed. He claimed that a pointless aspect of Pakistani politics is being preserved by a secret agenda. Which shows that a certain institution is undermining the state.

Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman added that we will not remain silent on this, everything will be revealed. We are not saying anything yet, which judge is talking to the criminal, who is from which lobby.

We are not new to politics but limited arrivals will become the subject of war arrivals. He asserted that he is opposed to negotiations and that this is supported by the National Security Committee’s declaration.

“I am not happy if someone is arrested or is imprisoned, but the law should be the same for everyone, especially since this is the function of civilian courts and the military.” The Army Act will go into effect if there is an attack on the sites, he continued.

The PDM leader said that Imran Khan was waving a letter to America up till yesterday. “Today sixty members of the American Congress have written a letter to protect Imran Khan,” he declared.

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