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Lahore Market Timings Schedules are Adjusted Ahead of Christmas

Market timings change in Lahore for Christmas festive preparations.

Owing to the approaching yearly celebration, the Lahore High Court permitted all market timings to change.

Judge Shahid Karim of the Lahore High Court gave directives during the hearing of a lawsuit requesting the court’s involvement to put an end to smog.

In a decision, the court permitted markets and shopping centers to stay open until midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while the last stages of Christmas preparations were completed.

Prior to this, the provincial administration in Lahore had declared harsh measures, as the city continued to rank among the most polluted cities in the world with dangerously low air quality.

Lahore, formerly referred to as the “city of gardens,” is experiencing pollution as a result of lengthy passenger car lines that continue to clog city streets, particularly in business districts like Gulberg.

Concerns about the public’s health are raised by professionals amid declining air quality.

According to Punjab Chief Minister Naqvi, the cloud seeding experiment caused rainfall in about 10% of Lahore’s areas.

Up to 48 flares were set up for cloud seeding, and Naqvi thanked the UAE team and the Environment Department for working together to create artificial rain for the first time in Lahore.

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