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Leopard Came Out On the Streets in Islamabad

Islamabad Wildlife Board successfully captured a ferocious leopard.

A leopard that was running amok in a private housing society in the federal capital city of Islamabad was eventually caught, according to the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), which made the announcement on Thursday.

According to the local Islamabad police, several people had left their homes after hearing about the leopard, and the leopard was now attacking them one by one.

Anti-terrorism police officials were forced to open fire as efforts to contain the leopard advanced because yet another wildlife department agent was being mauled.

The leopard’s attack on a female wildlife officer was also confirmed by the Islamabad police.

They added that the animal later entered a nearby house where it was trapped in the basement, adding that “She only escaped because she was wearing a protective jacket.”

The dangerous animal managed to escape by breaking the net twice, injuring three wildlife officials in the process of capturing it with traps.

A leopard was earlier reported to be prowling around the neighborhood, and many individuals saw the animal and published pictures of it on social media.

Members of the IWMB arrived at the location of the sighting and made an effort to save the leopard. Nevertheless, as night fell, rescue workers, including those from Punjab Wildlife who had joined the search group, had to set up lights.

The dangerous animal will be saved with assistance from a trapper and will then be put back into its habitat, according to the wildlife management board, which also advised locals to avoid areas where leopards are present.

Videos that are making the rounds on social media depict the dangerous animal assaulting a number of bystanders and locals as people swarm the locations where it has been spotted, spreading panic.

Previously, news of a leopard roaming society spread in the evening, and many people witnessed the animal and shared images on social media.

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