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Malala Yousafzai Swears to Serve Iranian and Afghan Women

Malala Yousafzai Nobel winner sacrificed for women rights in Pakistan.

Malala Yousafzai made careful to raise concerns about the mistreatment of Iranian and Afghani women by the authorities and to call for justice from those in charge.

The 25-year-old activist remarked lately that it has become intolerable and awful to know that a woman may be put to death in Iran for donning a loose hijab during her speech at the Arizona Speaker Series in Phoenix.

The activist for Pakistani education rights asserts that it is “unbearable” for women and girls to live in Iran’s strict society.

Malala continue by saying that she can not bear to see how bad things get over the years.

Yousafzai, a supporter of fundamental human rights, declared that she will keep standing out for Iranian women.

The death of Mahasa Amini, 22, while she was being held by the police has spark “protests,” which Iranian authorities have dub “riots.”

But the rest of the world is supporting the oppressed people who are trying to speak out against the dictatorship.

Amini inexplicably pass unexpectedly while in police detention after being detaine for allegedly violating the country’s dress code for women, which made the situation in Iran worse.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate said, “We cannot even begin to understand the predicament women and girls are suffering.

“[Sad], such is the situation for women in Iran at the moment.”

Yousafzai continued, “I want to tell our sisters in Iran that we support you and your campaign for freedom and fundamental human rights. We stand with you.”

She also discussed the difficulties Afghani women face as a result of the Taliban government’s ban on their attendance at both schools and jobs.

I believe that women in Afghanistan have it difficult.

It is difficult for women all over the world because similar situations where a group of men, institutions.

Or governments interfere in women’s life and tell them what to wear, how to speak, and how to dress, are occurring in many locations.

The activist conclude, “The Taliban don’t only forbid sports for women and girls; they actively intimidate and harass people who used to play sports.”

As of December 2022, Iranian courts has execute two men and sentence more than 400 others to prison terms of up to 10 years in connection with the disturbances stemming from their participation in anti-Amini rallies.

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