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Lewiston Mass Shooting Claims 22 Lives & Injures 60

Mass shooting in Lewiston resulted in 22 people died and 60 injuries.

In order to apprehend the gunman, Robert Card, authorities mounted a huge operation and advised Lewiston residents to remain inside their houses.

According to NBC News, a county in Maine, United States, issued an emergency notice after shootings left 22 people dead and 50–60 injured.

“There is an active shooter in Lewiston,” the Maine State Police stated on X. We request that people stay indoors. Please lock your doors and remain inside your house. Currently, law enforcement is looking into several different places.

According to local media, the shooting spree happened in a neighborhood restaurant and pub in addition to at least one other location a bowling alley.

Robert Card was the gunman when local police shared a picture of him on Facebook, showing him inside a bowling alley with a semi-automatic pistol. They stated that Card should be “considered armed and dangerous.”

Robert Card, a 40-year-old retired military commander who was previously arrested for domestic abuse, is being sought after by law enforcement.

He had threatened an attack at the military training facility in Saco, Maine, earlier this year, and he had disclosed mental health problems including hearing voices.

He spent two weeks in a mental health hospital after being admitted. Police have released photographs of the White Subaru he was seen driving after the shooting.

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