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LHC Dismiss PTI Appeal Against the Removal of “Bat” Election Symbol

LHC rejects PTI appeal against on bat election symbol withdrawal.

Details indicate that the Lahore High Court’s Justice Jawad Hassan reserved his verdict to dismiss the PTI appeal against bat symbol as inadmissible.

PTI local leader Umar Aftab had petitioned the High Court to prevent the PTI from removing its bat emblem for the general elections in 2024.

Recall that the Election Commission ruled in the PTI intra-party election case last year, concluding that PTI had not held proper intra-party elections. In December, a five-member court led by the Chief Election Commissioner rendered its decision.

The architect of the intra-party election case, Kafisla Ikramullah Khan, was the one who removed the bat symbol from the PTI.

The Election Commission was directed by the Peshawar High Court to render a decision on Friday on the PTI’s intra-party election and election symbol case, which it decided on December 21.

The Peshawar High Court’s two-member panel issued a safe verdict but stated that the Election Commission should make the legal decision regarding PTI intra-party elections and electoral symbols.

In an interview with the media, PTI Chairman Barrister Ali Gohar stated that the party fears its candidates will run as independents, that the founders’ disqualification has been halted, and that they will run in the elections if they do not receive the bat emblem.

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