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Long March to Launch On Friday from Lahore: Imran Khan

Long March to Launch on Friday from Lahore: Imran Khan

LAHORE: PTI’s much anticipated Long March to Islamabad begins Friday.

“I’m starting the arduous march from Lahore. Imran Khan stated during a press conference on Tuesday in Lahore that we will congregate in the Liberty Chowk neighborhood at 11:00 am and long march toward Islamabad.

Imran, who was forced from office by a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly in April of last year, claimed that the goal of his long march is to bring about “true freedom” in the nation and that his protest rally is not “about politics but a fight to obtain liberation from thieves.”

“This Jihad will define the direction for the country,” he continued. There isn’t a deadline for this. When we cross GT Road, Islamabad will reach.

Imran claimed that because of the “sea of people” who will take to the streets, he will stage the largest demonstration in the nation’s history.

The ousted prime minister also gave his supporters the assurance that police would not be able to torment them as they did during the party’s long march on May 25. “When there are hundreds of thousands of people protesting, you can’t even touch someone.”

“We won’t break any laws or go into the danger zone. We are not coming here to engage in combat. He promised that our demonstration would be peaceful.

Back Room Discussions

In response to a question on backchannel discussions, Imran said he believed political parties always worked out their issues through dialogue.

But the coalition government won’t call early elections now that I’ve “fully” realized it. They are preparing other things, like my disqualification, now that they see they can’t win this fight.

The PTI leader continued, “The people are expecting us to come out against the imported regime, even though the country is struggling.” He claimed he was getting flak for planning the long march.

Imran khan also reiterated his assertions that a foreign plot and horse trading led to the fall of his regime.

He urged the followers to join the long march for the future of the nation by saying, “We desire that the people of the country should have the right to make decisions about the country.”

Monument to Arshad Sharif

The PTI-led administration in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has decided to erect a memorial in honor of murdered journalist Arshad Sharif, who was shot dead in Kenya on Sunday, the former prime minister Imran Khan further revealed.

He continued, “I will ask the Punjab government to do the same to honor his services.

Imran Chooses to Remain in Punjab Until the End of Long March

The PTI leader made the decision to remain in Punjab until the start of the long march toward Islamabad on Friday.

After the long march was announced, the former premier, according to insiders, would start a public campaign in Punjab.

Imran Khan will stay at his home in Zaman Park, according to the sources, and will keep an eye on the long march from Lahore preparations.

The PTI chairman will also speak tomorrow in Lahore at a joint meeting of the parliaments of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q). According to the reports, he will begin his public campaign in Sialkot tomorrow afternoon.


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