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Mafia Increased LPG Prices Ahead of Ramadan

LAHORE: Mafia has increased LPG prices ahead of Ramadan-al-mubarak.

The LPG mafia has adopted a strategy to extract huge profits from the public’s pockets as Ramadan approaches. mafia increased LPG prices by Rs 20 per kg.

Chairman LPG Distributors Association Irfan Khokhar has demanded the newly elected government to take strict action against LPG mafia.

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According to the details, the government relief package in Ramadan has not started yet, but the LPG mafia started taking their relief from the people by increasing the price of gas.

The LPG mafia has once again raised the price of LPG; the official price is 257 rupees, but it is being sold for 277 rupees.

After the price hike, domestic cylinder became expensive by Rs 240 and commercial cylinder by Rs 910.

Chairman Irfan Khokhar states that the LPG mafia has removed Sui gas already been from the reach of the public.

On the other hand, LPG makes expensive mafia, the police started arresting the small shopkeepers. OGRA should take immediate action against gas mafia.

If Ogra fixed the price of LPG at Rs 257, then it should also supply it.

The Prime Minister should immediately take notice against the Pakistan mafia because the LPG mafia gave the first salute as soon as he was sworn in.

Chairman Irfan Khokhar:

Chairman Irfan Khokhar says that along with providing food and drink items to the people at a cheaper price in Ramadan, LPG should also be provided at the official price while the prices of LPG in the global market have decreased.

They say that in Pakistan the reverse Ganga has started flowing and the LPG mafia has become more powerful than the government.

The mafia has refused to sell LPG at the official price, those who want to buy LPG will get it at our price.

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