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Mahira Khan Honoured with Cultural Ambassador Award

Actress Mahira Khan has been honoured as Cultural Ambassador of ACP.

Mahira Khan was honoured for her accomplishments at this event, which was sponsored by the Arts Council of Pakistan and held in the organization’s Auditorium-I in Karachi.

An Evening with Mahira Khan, hosted by renowned author and thinker Anwar Maqsood, was a programme the council put on.

The actress from The Legend of Maula Jatt declared during the evening’s hilarious political discussions that she favours Pathaan out of the three political parties (Imran Khan).

She insisted that it was amazing to work in India because it had always been her goal to collaborate with actor Shah Rukh Khan while discussing her time working in Bollywood.

Mahira Khan emphasized the need of independence by claiming that women are limited in what they may achieve if they lack financial independence.

The Raees star also called attention to the unrestrained online dissemination of misleading information. It’s really difficult for her to distinguish between what is factual and what is untrue when she reads the news, she said.

Mahira further spoke on her decision to cease using social media and boldly airing her opinions on them. I once posted online rants that were really emotional, but I later stopped.

On these social networking sites, people harass and threaten you a lot, and many of the insults are directed at your kids and parents as well.

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