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Mahira Khan’s ‘Razia’ Finale Leaves Audience Impressed

Drama Serial Razia Concludes with Impressive Finale & Acting Prowess.

The life narrative of young Razia, who experiences abuse at the hands of her parents and society simply for being a girl, is told in the film Razia.

The great drama’s plot left viewers thrilled with the miniseries’ last episode, which aired on Express TV.

Social media fans praised the other cast members’ acting as well as Mahira Khan’s narration of the drama. They appreciated Razia and her strength in the previous episode. They also cherished her firm face-slaps on her brother and ex-husband.

Social media fans praised Momal Sheikh and Shaheera Jalil’s performances as well as the acting of the entire cast. They praised the flawless performances given by each member of the cast, crew, authors, directors, and production staff.

Mahira Khan, Momal Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Parveen Akbar, Kausar Siddiqui, Shaheera Jalil Al Basit, Kaleem Ghori, Arman, Kashif Hussain, Daniya Kanwal, Samina Nazeer, Abeer Naeem, Fajr Sheikh, Esha Usman, Abrish, Aiza Khan, Umm e Laila, Ali Hur, Shayan, Abdullah, Hashir, Minsa Salman, Meryam Zehra, and Fatima Imtiaz are among the ensemble cast members of the series.

Hina Aman and Kamran Afridi are the project’s executive producers, with Mohsin Ali serving as both the writer and director.

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