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Pakistan to Work with China on GB-Xinjiang Economic Linkages

Pakistan caretaker PM seek to leverage China Xinjiang for cooperation.

He stated that Pakistan and China would collaborate to determine each region’s advantages, specifically Xinjiang and Gilgit Baltistan.

He stated, “the two neighboring regions had the potential to build synergies for improving the livelihoods of their people,” when speaking to the faculty and students of Xinjiang University.

On Thursday night, PM Kakar took a flight from Beijing to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, where he attended the Third Belt and Road Forum and had meetings with members of the Chinese government and other foreign dignitaries.

The prime minister declared that a land border at Sost, Khunjerab would be transformed into an all-weather border in accordance with the agreement made in Beijing during his visit.

He stated that Pakistan aimed to establish connections with the industries of Xinjiang and Pakistan, namely the Gilgit-Baltistan area, emphasizing collaboration in the solar energy sector.

Prime Minister placed a strong emphasis on cooperation between the two regions in the fields of education, cooperative research, tourism, agriculture, and culture. He stated that Pakistan wants more of its students to study in China.

He added that a group of fifteen Chinese tour operators had recently visited Pakistan and returned across the Sost Khunjerab border, and he welcomed travelers from Xinjiang and other regions of China to visit Pakistan.

Cultural Diversity

The prime minister added that Xinjiang was well-known for its rich cultural diversity and kind hospitality, and that Pakistanis held a particular place in their hearts for the region’s close ties to their country.

He claimed that Xinjiang served as both an important economic route and a bridge that connected the two countries.

According to Kakar, the special bond between Pakistan and China is based on mutual trust, common goals, and priceless warmth that has been fostered by many generations.

He declared, “Pakistan sees its relations with China as a long-standing strategic partnership.”

He said that as the CPEC reached a new phase, it enhanced the lives of Pakistani inhabitants and contributed to the development of the country’s infrastructure.

In order to build a new road map and vision centered on sustainable development, people-to-people ties, economic growth, peace and stability, and academic and technical exchanges, I must travel to China.

He conveyed Pakistan’s unwavering support for China on issues pertaining to its fundamental position and its principled stance on Xinjiang.

In addition, Kakar discussed the Middle East’s predicament and urged action to put an end to the barbaric atrocities committed against the Palestinian people.

During the event, the prime minister spoke with Chinese and Pakistani students and expressed the hope that they will serve as a bridge of peace and fraternity in the future between their nations.

He also went to the Xinjiang University’s History Museum, where he learned about the 99-year-old university’s past.

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