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Malala Yousafzai Boards ‘Stranger at the Gate,’ Oscar Shortlist Film


“Malala Yousafzai joins film ‘Joyland’ and ‘Stranger at the Gate.'”

The story of US Marine Richard “Mac” McKinney, who initially intended to attack a mosque but later converted to Islam, is told in the book Stranger at the Gate.

The documentary has received numerous awards from different film festivals. McKinney decided to blow up a mosque in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana because he was suffering from PTSD.

However, he was moved by the goodwill of the worshippers and refugees there when he began to routinely visit the mosque to gather information for his idea.

He abandoned his plan to destroy the mosque after being moved by the Muslims inside and decided to become a Muslim instead. He is currently the mosque’s president.

Malala Yousafzai told Variety that the movie is “a stunning true story of forgiveness and healing.”

I hope the movie encourages every audience to confront their presumptions and be kind to everyone they encounter.

Later, She posted on Twitter

This movie opened my eyes and altered my viewpoint when I first viewed it.

It is an honor for me to lend my support to Joshua Seftel’s stirring true narrative of redemption, Stranger at the Gate.

The New Yorker releases the Seftel-directed documentary Stranger at the Gate as a part of its New Yorker Documentary series.

The story at the center of “Stranger at the Gate” offers me hope in this time of conflict and hatred, Seftel stated.

“The movie’s heroes have given me hope that love really may triumph over hatred.”



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