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Man Decides to Live 100 Days Underwater

USF professor undergoes 100-day underwater experiment to body impact.

The professor will spend 100 days underwater at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo as part of an experiment that started on March 1. The “Neptune 100” study’s objectives are to test medical technology that might be able to prevent a variety of human ailments. As well as to discover new methods for reviving marine habitats.

In his research, the professor—who has a Ph.D in biomedical engineering—hopes to shed light. On how humans might survive in remote places like long periods of space travel. In order to assess the psychological and physical effects of residing in a harsh environment. The study is also being monitored by a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

The professor’s attempt to finish Neptune 100, which is scheduled to end in June. Will give him the title of world record holder for the longest period of time spent submerged under ambient pressure (1.6 times that of land), according to Guinness World Records.

Although he goes by the moniker “Dr. Deep Sea,” he claims that the experiment’s main goal is not to beat the record. Instead, he wants to figure out fresh ways to protect health and revive marine ecosystems.

Dr. Deep Sea has been providing updates about his journey on social media. And discussing how his work on outreach to other scientists, kids, and undertaking marine and medical research has influenced him.

In a statement, he stated that his null hypothesis is that the increased pressure will result in benefits to his health. And he lightheartedly mused that he might emerge from the experiment “super-human” after the 100 days.

Man Decides to Live100 Days Underwater

Dr. Deep Sea’s project could shed light on the effects of living in a remote. Hostile location because it presents a novel challenge—surviving underwater for 100 days. Our best wishes are with him as he completes his research.

And we look forward to his discoveries that could help us better understand marine habitats and fight disease.

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