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Man Who Identifies Himself as Woman Owned Miss Universe Organization

Miss Universe owners statement on “women empowerment” sparks in media.

The 71st Miss Universe pageant’s biggest news was not Miss Thailand’s gown or Miss USA’s R’Bonney Gabriel winning the title; rather, it was the new pageant owner’s speech that went viral for all the wrong reasons.

“From now on it’s [Miss Universe] going to be governed by women, for all women throughout the world to celebrate the power of feminism,” Anne declared during the 71st Miss Universe pageant’s finale.

Many people were perplexed by the assertion because, biologically speaking, Anne Jakapong was a “he” before she became a “woman,” and Miss Universe is therefore still technically held by a guy.

Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, a media tycoon who has starred in several well-known reality series including Shark Tank and Project Runway, is the new owner of the Miss Universe. He underwent a gender change after being born a guy.

Twitter users ridiculed the former Thai man for preaching feminism to women after Anne gave a stirring speech in her capacity as a “trans woman” on the social media site.

Anne Jakapong Jakarajutatip was criticized by political journalist Ian Miles Cheong for educating women about “what it means to be a woman.” He tweeted:

What truly takes the cake is listening to that transsexual Miss Universe owner educate the populace on what it is to be a woman.

“It’s not FEMALE EMPOWERMENT when the first ‘woman‘ to own the MU pageant organization was born a MAN,” another Twitter user commented.

Since 1952, the Miss Universe competition has been a two-day yearly pageant that draws participants from all around the world.

The pageant is renowned for its glamour and glamour as well as for featuring some of the most gifted and stunning ladies in the world. Millions of people worldwide tune in to see this much-anticipated spectacle.



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