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Will Blackpink Contract With YG Entertainment be Renewed?

Blackpink Contract With YG Entertainment will Expire in August 2023.

Blackpink contract with YG Entertainment will expire in August of this year, and whether the group will renew their deal with the music company has become a hot subject recently, according to source the fact that YG’s stock prices are still low compared to its competitors despite diverse momentum reflects the market’s fears as BLACKPINK’s contract expired in August, 2023. Said NH Investment and Securities on January 19.

Blackpink performing at The O2 Arena in December 2022

Will Blackpink Contract With YG Entertainment be Renewed

Blackpink contract renewal is expecting to go smoothly. Therefore its time to put down your unnecessary worries. “As far as I know, for Lisa, who has an absolute impact in Southeast Asian markets including her hometown Thailand, many from nations such as China are expressing the intention to pay her 100 billion won in guarantee,” a K-pop market insider said. “This is difficult to handle given the magnitude of Korea’s market,” he added.

Blackpink Career

Will Blackpink Contract With YG Entertainment be Renewed?

Blackpink began forming when YG Entertainment held tryouts worldwide for preteen or teenage recruits to create a new girl group after launching its first major one, 2NE1, in 2009. According to the members, joining the label as trainees was akin to enrolling in a full-time pop-star academy, with Jennie describing the experience as “more strict than school” and Rosé comparing it to The X Factor with dorm rooms. For members who had left their lives outside of South Korea, the pace of training alongside the culture shock was especially difficult.

Preparations for BlackPink’s debut began as early as 2011, when YG Entertainment reveal on November 14 that their new girl group would debut in the early half of 2012 and feature at least seven members. Jennie was the first group member reveal, on June 1, 2016. She joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2010 after moving back to South Korea from New Zealand. She had been introduce to the public for the first time in 2012 in a photo titled “Who’s that girl?” on YG Entertainment’s website on April 10.

Jennie continued to be promoting as a member of the new girl group through multiple collaborations: she starred in G-Dragon’s 2012 music video for “That XX” from his One of a Kind EP and featured in the song “Black” from his 2013 album Coup d’état (2013) and Lee Hi’s song “Special” from her album First Love (2013).

2010–2016: Blackpink Formation & Pre-debut Activities

Lisa was reveal as the new girl group’s second member on June 8, 2016. She was the only individual among 4,000 applicants to pass the 2010 YG Entertainment audition in her native country Thailand and became the label’s first foreign trainee in 2011. She was first introduce in May 2012 in a video that was posted on YG Entertainment’s YouTube channel, titled “WHO’S THAT GIRL”. Lisa also appeared in the music video for Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” in 2013. She became a spokesperson for street-wear brand Nona9on in 2015 and cosmetics brand Moonshot in 2016.

Jisoo was reveal as the new groups third member on June 15, 2016. She joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in July 2011 and appeared in several advertisements and music videos in her pre-debut years, including “Spoiler + Happy Ending” (2014) from Epik High’s studio album Shoebox and Hi Suhyun’s music video “I’m Different” (2014). She also made a cameo appearance in 2015 drama The Producers.


Will Blackpink Contract With YG Entertainment be Renewed?

Rose was the final member to be reveal, On June 22, 2016. She ranked first among 700 applicants in the 2012 YG Entertainment audition in Australia, after which she signed a trainee contract with the label and moved to Seoul to begin training. She featured in G-Dragon’s track “Without You” (2012) from One of a Kind. On June 29, YG Entertainment confirmed that the new girl group would have four members instead of the originally planned nine and revealed its official name as Blackpink.

According to a label representative, the group’s name meant “pretty isn’t everything” and symbolized that “they are a team that encompasses not only beauty, but also great talent.

“Jisoo later disclosed in a press conference that other group names under consideration included Pink Punk, Baby Monster, and Magnum. Blackpink released their first dance practice video on July 6, which garnered much public attention. On July 29, YG Entertainment confirmed that BlackPink’s debut would be on August 8, 2016.





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