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MDCAT 2023 Exam Results Annulled in Sindh, Retest Ordered

Sindh cancels MDCAT 2023 results, orders full retest in surprise move.

The Caretaker Chief Minister officially canceled the test results, as stated by a Sindh government spokesperson. Moreover, the Sindh government has assigned the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) the responsibility of initiating an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the MDCAT 2023 results.

This decision comes in response to increasing disputes and concerns regarding the preliminary test results.

Finding any anomalies or disparities that might have impacted the initial testing procedure is the aim of the investigation.

Following the Chief Minister’s instructions, the MDCAT entrance exam is set to be re-administered, rendering the first test results invalid. Notably, Dow University has been specifically entrusted by the Chief Minister to supervise the test’s administration, with a focus on upholding impartiality and transparency throughout.

Students, parents, and other education stakeholders in Sindh have expressed a variety of opinions over the plan to re-administer the MDCAT 2023 exam.

Some worry that it would cause delays in the medical admissions process, while others see it as an essential step in restoring trust in the test system.

The government’s commitment to preserving the integrity of the educational system and ensuring equal opportunities for all prospective medical students in Sindh is evident through the FIA’s investigation of the preliminary findings.

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