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Meta Bans Teen-Focused Commercials Based on Gender

Meta Bans Teen-Focused Commercials Based on Gender

Meta stops gender-based targeting of ads at teenagers amid allegation.

The social networking sites juggernaut stated that going ahead, worldwide teen ad targeting will only be feasible by utilizing age and geolocation from advertisers, the prime source of the company’s enormous revenue. Another departure from custom is the company’s declaration that a teen’s prior use of services owned by Meta would no longer impact the ads they view.

The modifications, as per Meta in a blog post, were implemented as it was found that “kids aren’t always as competent as adults to make choices about how their internet data is utilized for commercials.”

As per Meta, the modifications were made in response to recommendations from academics and parents and would be in compliance with new regulations in multiple countries on material aimed at teenagers.

The corporation previously known as Facebook is being subjected to increasing pressure and financial penalties to refuse to serve its users with advertisements that are aimed specifically, at a strategy that yields billions of dollars in annual revenues for the corporation from sponsors.

In a years-long legal dispute with the European Union over advertising, the Silicon Valley giant recently award a 390-million-euro ($413-million) penalty.

More concerningly, European regulators rejected the legal justification Meta offered to defend acquiring users’ personal information for the purpose of ad targeting, which is doom and gloom for the company created by Mark Zuckerberg.

For circumventing privacy regulations via targeted adverts, authorities have also probed Google and Apple and punished them.

As a result of extensive campaigning by tech firms and a hostile Congress in Washington, Meta and other social media juggernauts in the US have mostly come under the scrutiny of local police enforcement.

Seattle, Washington, in the US, has a public school system that last week launched a lawsuit against many digital companies, including Meta, for ostensibly inducing mental trauma, depression, and anxiety among kids.

As per advocates of public schools, they are “keeping social media firms answerable for the devastation they have wrought havoc on the social, emotional, and mental health” of teenagers.

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