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MQM to Decide Next Prime Minister, Says Farooq Sattar

Dr. Farooq Sattar: MQM asserts role in selecting Pakistan’s next PM.

Details indicate that Deputy MQM Convener Dr. Farooq Sattar declared that the people of Liaquatabad had held the MQM flag today during his speech at the gathering. He claimed that there will only be one kite in the sky during the next election campaign.

The Deputy Convener of the MQM stated in his statement that the people of Liaquatabad are the heirs and martyrs of Pakistan’s founding. “The recovery of the missing comrades from Liaquatabad and Karachi is a demand of the MQM,” he declared.

Deputy Convener Dr. Farooq Sattar, a MQM-P employee, claims that his organization abides by the law and the constitution. “This recovery demand ought to be transported from Liaquatabad to Islamabad,” he declared. Pakistan must be reunited through the recovery of the missing workers.”

Liaquatabad’s position is like a miniature version of Pakistan, according to Farooq Sattar. He continued, saying, “The governments of Islamabad sit down if Liaquatabad stands up.” “The entire city of Lahore cannot be used to collect the amount of tax that Liaqat Abad gives.”

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