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Australia is Horrified by Murder in St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Body found in St Andrew’s Cathedral school bathroom alarms Australia.

Following a terrifying triple-zero call, police arrived to St Andrew’s Cathedral School just before midnight. There, they came upon a “confronting scene”: the lifeless, severely injured head of 21-year-old water polo coach Lilie James.

Police believe she was killed hours earlier allegedly with a hammer according to unnamed sources cited by the local media.

Paul Thijssen, a 24-year-old hockey coach, was allegedly seen by CCTV following her into the restroom. Later on, Thijssen came out by himself. He had called the authorities as well.

Local media has revealed that Ms. James had recently broken up with Thijssen, despite police remaining silent on a possible motivation. It had only been five weeks since they first started dating.

After reporting the information from Vaucluse, Thijssen disappeared, and authorities began a massive manhunt centered on the cliffside suburb.

Items “associated with the homicide” (perhaps the murder weapon) were discovered in a bin there, and on Friday morning, a body that was eventually identified as Thijssen was discovered.

Despite the fact that Australia has had a National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children since 2010, the country’s violent crime rates continue to be egregiously high.

A recent survey found that although over 90% of Australians acknowledge that violence against women is an issue in the nation, less than half believe it exists in their particular town or district.

According to the same poll, over 40% of Australians mistakenly think that men and women are equally prone to conduct domestic abuse.

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