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NASA Invites Pakistani Student to Make Anti-Sleep Glasses

NASA acknowledge Bisma Solangi’s Anti-Sleep Glasses, surprise for her.

In an effort to reduce traffic accidents and increase road safety, a 13-year-old invented anti-sleep glasses that are intended to prevent drivers from nodding off while behind the wheel.

The student has been invited to the NASA summer camp as thanks for her creation. She will be better-equipped thanks to the chance to develop additional innovations that benefit society.

In a recent interview, Bisma Solangi praised Pakistani students’ aptitudes and emphasized the value of perseverance in attaining great feats.

For developing ideas that can prevent accidents and preserve priceless human lives, Bisma has received recognition.

Scientists are developing sleepiness-detecting glasses, also known as anti-sleep glasses, which may be incorporated into contemporary automobiles.

To identify tiredness, it monitors a number of factors, including steering patterns, lane deviations, and driver behavior.

By examining elements such as eye movement and facial expressions, eyewear that detects driver sleepiness immediately sounds an alarm.

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