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Netflix ‘You’ Series to End with Season 5?

Netflix ‘You‘ Series Actor Penn Badgley suggestion that the fifth season of the show might be its last.

Despite the fact that the streaming behemoth has not provided any information about a potential fifth season of Netflix ‘You‘ Series or whether it will be the last one, actor Penn Badgley, 36. Who plays Joe Goldberg on the show, suggested that there is still a lot that fans have not learned about their book-loving serial killer.

The Gossip Girl alum discussed what fans may anticipate from his character, Goldberg, in the upcoming season after the season’s spectacular finale.

He stated to British GQ in an interview on March 14 that he “knows what Greg sold me a few years back as what he thought was the correct way to end.” If there are any more, it will probably be the grand finale, in my opinion.

Spoiler: According to Badgley, this was a prerequisite for the series, and in season 4 of the program. Joe felt the impulse to transform himself by fighting his evil instincts.

“It must go through this phase for five episodes where we wonder. “Is he going to become a hero as we’ve all wanted him to?” When Joe is a hero, it doesn’t make any sense “He conceded.

The show has never been able to be as genuine, sensitive, responsible, and relevant as it is now, thanks to any other director.

The whole process has been leading up to seeing Joe in a totally new light. Which is something we’ve never done before, Badgley continued.

The most recent You episodes, which aired on March 9. Revealed a different aspect of Joe’s character.

Fans will witness an even “more deadly” side of Joe, Sera Gamble. Who is also the co-creator of the television series You, recently revealed.

She previously told E! News: This viciously wealthy cast of individuals has been developed over the course of four seasons.

Suppose Joe stays exactly as he is and now has unlimited access to resources. He will have transformed into the object of his envy. It presents us with a lot of fresh opportunities “A further statement was made by her.

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