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New AI Chip Works Using Light Instead of Electricity

The New AI Chip use light waves instead of electricity for computing.

Engineers at the University of Penn have unveiled a pioneering breakthrough with the capacity to reshape computing. Their cutting-edge chip, which utilizes light for AI computations, delivers notably enhanced processing velocities and decreased energy usage.

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This milestone is facilitated by Silicon Photonics (SiPh), pioneered by Penn Professor Nader Angita.

This chip represents a potential paradigm shift in computing because it runs at the speed of light, in contrast to conventional computing processors that are based on ideas that date back decades.

Under the direction of Associate Professor Firooz Aflatouni, they concentrated on making the chip capable of vector-matrix multiplication, which is essential for neural networks and essential to AI applications.

The chip’s architecture enables swift mathematical operations by selectively adjusting the thickness of the silicon wafer to manage light dispersion.

Apart from its computational capabilities and energy-saving attributes, the chip bolsters privacy by executing numerous calculations concurrently, diminishing susceptibility to hacking.

Although the chip shows potential for upcoming computing devices, its incorporation into everyday technology might require some time.

Nevertheless, its potential to enhance computing efficiency, speed, and security is positioned to influence the future of AI-driven technologies.

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