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New Economy Class Sleep Pods Offered by Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Skynest, a beds-on-board concept for economy-class.

The Skynest concept, which includes six sleep pods with bunk beds aboard some airplanes, had initially introduced by Air New Zealand last year. More information on the booking, cost, and other features provided this week.

Passengers will have the option to reserve a seat in the pod for a four-hour period due to the usual price of their ticket. The cabin staff will change the bedding in each pod following each use.

The six pods will have situated between the economy and premium economy cabins on a number of lengthy flights, such as the 17-hour direct flight, which is  the world’s longest flights, according to a press statement from the airline.

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An Air New Zealand spokesman told CNN Travel in 2022.

The airline did thorough studies on sleep cycles. Customers can wind down, go to sleep, and wake up within a four-hour session because the average sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes,

Even if users want to share with partners or children, the pod can only use by one person at a time. Everyone has a limit to one four-hour session per flight, dependent on availability, to allow more travelers to test out the idea.

The Skynest will have USB links, a study light, headphones, sheets, a comforter, a pillow as comforts and follow safety procedures, there are seatbelts as well.

As stated by Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer, “Our lengthy research and design process, which lasted five years, has produced a product that we assured will transform the in-flight experience for travelers.

By introducing Skynest, “we have demonstrated our commitment to offering choice, with the best travel experience for our passengers, and to continue to innovate and lead the way in the airline field.”

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