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Nikki Haley Announced her withdrawal from US presidential

Nikki Haley announced her withdrawal from US presidential candidate.

Nikki Haley has announced her withdrawal from the US presidential candidate, leaving former President Donald Trump as the only Republican candidate to potentially face off against Democratic nominee and incumbent Joe Biden.

According to the American media, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina and the US ambassador to the United Nations during Trump’s presidency, has dropped out of the US Republican presidential race.

Nikki Haley made the announcement during a speech in Charleston after losing to Trump in 14 of 15 states for the Republican nomination.

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Nikki Haley has refused to endorse former US President Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

In his statement, he said that now is the time for me to suspend my election campaign, I have no regrets, Donald Trump will have to work hard to get the votes of my supporters.

Nikki Haley, based on her experience in foreign affairs, said that it is important that the United States continue to lead on the world stage, and Haley has consistently said during her campaign that the United States should help Ukraine against Russia to defend itself. While Trump’s position is the opposite.

Regarding Ukraine, Nikki Haley said that if we retreat further, there will be more war and nothing less. On the other hand, Trump’s campaign press secretary Carolyn Levitt said that he will focus on issues such as immigration, the economy, and foreign policy.

It should be noted that in the first Super Tuesday, Donald Trump has emerged as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Haley was Trump’s last opponent for the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will likely face each other again in the US presidential election in November.

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