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Official Teaser of ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Released on Netflix

The first official teaser of Squid Game Season 2 has finally released.

The highly anticipated season 2 of the well-known South Korean drama “Squid Game” was released, a teaser trailer for every movie and TV show that Netflix plans to broadcast this year was revealed along with an announcement.

Let’s examine the show’s specifics, which are highly anticipated:


In the 17-second film, Lee Jung-jae plays Seong Gi-hun, also known as Player 456. He is seen threatening someone over the phone as he leaves the airport. In the video, Lee Jung-jae is heard stating, “I will find you.”

whatever it takes. When Seong Gi, who has red hair, receives the call to play the game at the end of season 1, viewers can watch him boarding the plane.

In addition to the return of Gon Yoo as the Recruiter and Lee Byung-hun as the Front Man, Netflix also released some images featuring Park Gyu-young, the new addition to the second season, along with the message, “Player 456 is ready to do whatever it takes in Squid Game season 2, coming this year.”

Season 2

Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-hun, Gong Yoo, and Wi Ha-jun are all returning to the script that Hwang wrote and directed.

Conversely, the recently added cast members are: Jo Yu-ri, Yang Dong-geun, Kang Ae-sim, Lee David, Lee Jin-uk, Choi Seung-hyun, Roh Jae-won, Won Ji-an, Kang Ha-neul, Park Gyu-young, and Park Sung-hoon.

Release Date

Although a release date has not yet been announced, indications indicate that season 2 will debut later in 2024.

About ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game, which released in 2021 and has since amassed millions of viewers on Netflix, is a global phenomenon.

In an attempt to win $38 million, a cash-strapped competitor played childhood games that had tragic implications. This was the plot of the nine-part drama. The show also created history by receiving nominations for and winning a number of significant prizes, such as the SAG, Emmy, and Golden Globes.

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