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Oppenheimer Received 13 & Barbie Received 8 Oscar Nominations

Oppenheimer & Barbie nominated for Best Film at 96th Oscar Awards.

The nominations for Oscar awards, which are regarded most prestigious in film world, were announced, with Barbie 8 & Oppenheimer receiving 13 nominations.

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The biographical film “Oppenheimer,” portraying an American scientist, featured Kellan Murphy in the role of the scientist.

Variety, the showbiz magazine, reported that the Academy announced the nominations on January 23, and Oppenheimer received 13 nominations.

Oppenheimer garnered nominations in 5 out of 6 major categories, including Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Actress.

Christopher Nolan’s film did not receive a nomination in the Best Actress category out of the 6 major categories.

According to the list of awards nominations, Poor Things claimed the second spot with 11 nominations.

Moreover, it earned recognition in significant categories such as Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

Third in Oscar nominations was Colors of the Flower Moon, which received 10 nominations.

While the record-grossing film Bar B in 2023 surprisingly received only 8 nominations.

The 96th annual Oscar ceremony will take place in March in Los Angeles.

the Pakistani film In Flames This time, was eliminated in the first round of the Best Foreign Film race.

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