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Orbit’s Space Debris Threat to Satellites or Spacecrafts

Space debris poses collision risks to satellites since 1957 launch.

In addition to meteorites, there is also man-made debris in orbit. These include unused satellites and spacecraft as well as launch platforms.

A collision of two satellites creates a ton of space debris. In addition, some countries such as the US, China, and India can use missiles to destroy their own satellites, leaving thousands of fragments in orbit.

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Currently, orbiting space debris does not pose a major threat to research efforts but is considered a major threat to other orbiting satellites.

At this time, search efforts are not particularly threatened by orbiting space debris, but other spacecraft orbiting are considered to be at greater risk.

To prevent hundreds of collisions, every satellite, including the International Space Station, has to move out of the way of incoming space debris.

Since 1999, the ISS has made 25 maneuvers to remove space debris.

The first man-made satellite, Sputnik-1, was launched into Earth orbit by the Soviet Union in 1957.

More than 6,050 rockets have been fired since 1957. which has produced 56,450 trackable space objects in orbit.

The US Space Surveillance Network monitors 28,160 of these objects that are still in orbit. About 4000 of them are operational satellites.

Since 1961, more than 560 orbital fragmentation events have been noted. Only seven of those collisions involved him.

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