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Pak Strongly Denounces Terrorist Attack that Arisen Over Iran Border

The FO Condemns Cross-Border Attack on Balochistan Security Forces.

The terrorist attack that took place in Balochistan’s Panjgur area on Wednesday night and result in the deaths of four security officers was “seriously condemn” by the Foreign Office (FO) on Thursday originated across the Pakistan-Iran border.

Pakistan vehemently condemns the terrorist attack that came from across the Iran border, FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said during today’s weekly news conference.

Activists “targeted a convoy of security forces patrolling near the border” yesterday, according to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), which is based in Iran.

Iran requests to find the terrorists who participate in the incident, according to the ISPR.

Today, Baloch declared, “Terrorists carried out the attack on Iranian soil. Iranian action on the culprits is what we anticipate.

She declare, “We strongly commit that neither our land nor Iranian territory will be exploit to launch cross-border assaults.”

The spokeswoman added that the relations between the two nations are “exemplary.”

Pakistan Strongly Denounces Terrorist Attack that Arisen Over Iran Border

Clarification of the PM’s comments; FM to visit Uzbekistan:

Separately, Baloch said that on January 25, the foreign minister would travel to Tashkent, the nation’s capital.

She remarked, in reference to the recently provided explanation on the comments made by the prime minister regarding discussions with India, “Pakistan condemns India’s atrocities in Kashmir on every level.”

The spokesperson said, “Pakistan wants better ties with all of its neighbors, including India. However, India should foster an atmosphere that makes it apparent that it is not supporting terrorists.”

Asad Majeed Khan, the secretary of state for foreign affairs, is currently traveling to Belgium for business, as per Baloch.

She proceeded by mentioning that a Belgian parliamentary delegation was also paying a significant visit to Pakistan, during which it would stop in at the Parliament Building, Lahore, and the country’s flood-affected regions.



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