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Pakistan Demands for New Security Pattern: Nuclear Arms.

Pakistan Demands for New Security Pattern: Nuclear Arms.

Pakistan Calls for New Global Security Framework Amid Nuclear Arms.

“Nuclear disarmament obligations remain largely unfulfilled, as evidenced by the constant shifting of goalposts toward additional non-proliferation measures,” Ambassador Khalil Hashmi told the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

The integrity of long-standing rules is eroded by the creation of exceptions and the pursuit of discriminatory policies, according to Ambassador Hashmi, Pakistan’s permanent representative to UN offices in Geneva.

“Military capabilities are assuming a force multiplier character due to growing weaponization and integration across nuclear, outer space, cyber, conventional, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) domains,” he said at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Nuclear dangers were increasing, and war was “returning to the realm of possibility,” he added. He added that a handful of states appeared determined to maintain the status quo in order to maintain their strategic advantage.

As a result, the Pakistani envoy stated that political and military tensions, strategic imbalances, and nuclear threats are on the rise.

In reference to India’s arms buildup, Ambassador Hashmi remarked, “Many of these disturbing trends are visible in South Asia, where the largest state continues to benefit from nuclear exceptionalism and discrimination in the application of international norms and legality.”

He continued, saying that India “continues to be a generous beneficiary of conventional and non-conventional armaments, technology, and platforms.”

According to Pakistani Representative

Nuclear weapons and their delivery methods are no longer isolated, and it is clear that a more robust and equitable international security architecture is needed.

He stated that Pakistan remained dedicated to the universal, verifiable, and non-discriminatory goal of a weapons-free world.

The cardinal principles enshrined in the first special session of the General Assembly dedicated to disarmament, namely that it was the primary responsibility of militarily significant states to pursue disarmament in an equitable and balanced manner and in a way that ensured that no individual state or group of states obtained advantages over others at any stage, were also to be faithfully adhered to and implemented, he continued.

According to Ambassador

Pakistan also underlined its demand that talks on a thorough Nuclear Weapons Convention start right away.

The Conference on Disarmament (CD) agenda item that has been around the longest is a proposal for a negative security assurance (NSA), he claimed.

According to Pakistan, the time is now for treaty negotiations since it has the ability to significantly improve the climate for fostering confidence and reducing tensions.


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