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Pakistani Little Boy with Higher IQ than Einstein

Four-year-old Pakistani boy, “Muhammad Ayad”, scores 195 on IQ test.

Steve Hawking had an IQ of 160 while the little boy scored a total of 195. Although he never took the exam, Albert Einstein IQ is likewise considered to be 160.

Muhammad provided accurate answers to various general knowledge questions that the reporter posed to him. Which region of the world has the greatest population? Which nation is the largest in the world? And which language is used the most globally?

The mother of this talented little boy commented on his accomplishment, saying: “He was tested twice; the first time, he scored even higher than 195; the second time, he was tested by the IQ society, and the findings were surprising for everyone in the family. We give Allah praise for bestowing such a high IQ on him. We didn’t anticipate such high results.

Muhammad has a profile on the 65 high-IQ civilizations that make up the World Intelligence Network.

With such a high IQ, he finished the three years of kindergarten in just six months. The psychologist was astounded by his reading and math abilities. He reads Shakespeare at this young age. Even though IQ tests indicate that his mental age is older than 8 years old, he is far more advanced than typical 8-year-old children in geography, biology, and chemistry.

He enjoys doing things that challenge his mind. He enjoys doing things like swimming, skating, running, and listening to the Quran being recited.

An American university that accepts exceptional children as early as possible has invited Muhammad. Muhammad is a resource for Pakistan. We want the best for him in the future.

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