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Google Maps has added an interesting new feature

Google Maps adds Emoji navigation for user convenience in California.

Google Maps has introduced a new feature. The foreign news agency claims that if you save many places as favorites in Google Maps, you can now do so through emojis.

Any emoji on your phone can be used to represent a particular place, whether it’s a restaurant, store, hotel, park, or anything else.

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It will be very easy for users to reach any safe place through emojis. All they have to do is figure out which emoji is used for which location.

Google Maps also shared an image with users showing how to change the map by clicking on the location you want to save to Google Maps, then clicking Save below.

Next, select New List, enter a location name, and then click the suck icon button at the top to select an emoji.

It should be remembered that the company made significant changes in the user interface of Google Maps at the beginning of September.

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