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Pakistani Parent Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Daughter Murder

Italian court sentence parent life imprisonment after daughter murder.

According to information, the body of daughter, who was murder for refusing to marry her parent, was found in northern Italy in November last year, a year and a half after the victim went missing. His father Shabbar Abbas was arrested in Pakistan.

Nazia Shaheen, the victim’s mother, is still likely hiding somewhere in Pakistan and has yet to be apprehended by Italian authorities. In her absence, the court sentenced the accused Nazia to life in prison, while her father protested her guilt.

Saman Abbas’ father testified that he had never considered killing his daughter, and the deceased’s uncle, Danish Hasnain, who was complicit in the crime, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for assisting the murder.

The court, however, acquitted the deceased’s two relatives since the charges were not established. It should be noted that following the murder of Saman Abbas in April 2021, the Islamic community of Italy issued a fatwa against forced marriages and deemed such weddings unlawful.

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