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Pakistani Student Missing While Studying in Canada

Pakistani student at the Wilfrid Laurier Brantford campus was missing.

According to information on an Instagram account (___umama___), her Pakistani brother has been missing since August 5.

She wrote on Instagram, “I’m from Pakistan, and in April, my brother travelled alone to Canada to pursue his studies. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Wilfrid Laurier’s Brantford campus.

He used to talk to us every day, but on August 5th, his number was disconnected, he wasn’t even at his apartment, but everything else was, save for his cell phone. We have a relative in Toronto, and he reported us missing,” she continued.

Later, the Brantford police informed us that my brother had last been seen in Niagra Falls and instructed us to get in touch with those officers. When we called them, they told that only those who had filed a complaint would be allowed to see your brother’s possessions and the footage of him jumping off a bridge. However, he hasn’t shown us anything up until now, and they are now claiming they haven’t seen any video and it’s unclear if he has or not.

We now anticipate that they will have him under the control of an American or Canadian agency. Please assist us if you know someone in the police department or any other organization. My parents are slowly passing away here, and since he is the only sibling I have, we are powerless to take any action. We will be eternally thankful. Just let us know that he is healthy and living.

If anyone has any information regarding her brother, she begged with the readers to contact the family on her behalf.

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