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Pakistani “Super Mushshak” Jets 1st Batch Delivered to Iraq

Iraq receive 1st batch of Super Mushshak train aircraft from Pakistan.

Pakistani Ambassador to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan, informed his verified Twitter followers of the super cool news that Super Mushshak (training) planes were handed over to the Iraqi Air Force during a ceremony held at an airport in Iraq.

He added that the successful agreement highlights Pakistan’s state-of-the-art aviation capabilities and strengthens the relationship between Pakistan and Iraq.

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In 2014, Pakistan and Iraq signed an important contract for the supply of training aircraft.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra Chairman and Iraqi Air Force chiefs signed an agreement to supply Iraq with super Mushshak jets.

Turkey and Pakistan signed an agreement in May 2017 to purchase 52 Pakistani training aircraft.

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex produces the Super Mushshak, an upgraded version of the MFI-17 Mushshak basic trainer.

The aircraft can travel at a top speed of 268 kmph and has a service range of 22,000 feet. The reported range of the aircraft is 814 km.

This aircraft is already in use by Qatar, South Africa, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Aspiring pilots can use the aircraft for basic flight training.

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