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Pakistan’s Ties Severed to United States

WASHINGTON: According to the secret documents disclosed by the US Air Force recently, Pakistan and some other countries are cutting ties with the US on important issues like Ukraine.

Documents published by the Washington Post and other US media include two Pakistan memos that guide policymakers not to incur China’s displeasure in order to maintain ties with the US.

The letter, titled Pakistan’s Tough Choices, warned Islamabad to stop appearing to please the West.

It issues a warning that Pakistan’s eagerness to maintain its alliance with the US will ultimately deprive the country of the full benefits of its true strategic alliance with China.

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Pakistan is among the 32 countries that abstained from voting every time the US-backed resolution on the Ukraine conflict was tabled in the United Nations General Assembly.

Advice for Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif

In the memo, an aide suggested to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that supporting the move would signal a change in Pakistan’s position after earlier showing disinterest in a similar resolution.

Supporting the resolution could jeopardize Pakistan’s ability to negotiate economic and energy deals with Russia, the aide said.

Pakistan placed its first order to buy crude oil from Russia last week, according to US Ambassador Masood Khan, Islamabad consulted the White House before making the purchase. He claimed that the American has no objection to the proposed agreement.

According to the Washington Post, the leaked documents show that emerging countries try to avoid the growing standoff between the US, Russia and China and, in some cases, exploit the rivalry for their own benefit.

The documents offer a glimpse into how key emerging powers – including India, Brazil, Pakistan and Egypt – are balancing their relationship between the US and Russia and China.

According to The Post, India is also avoiding choosing a side between Washington and Moscow. A leaked document describes a February 22 conversation between Russian National Security Adviser Nikolay Petroshev and Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Kumar Doval.

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