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Peshawar High Court has Restored the “Bat” Sign for PTI

Peshawar High Court has allowed PTI to contest election on “bat” sign.

According to details, in the PTI intra-party election and election symbol case, the Peshawar High Court accepted the petition of PTI, and restored the bat symbol for it.

After the court decision, PTI has now been allowed to contest elections on the election symbol “Bat”, Peshawar High Court has also ordered the Election Commission to upload the election certificate for PTI on the website Load it.

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It should be noted that the Election Commission declared the PTI intra-party elections null and void on December 22. A 2-member bench of the Peshawar High Court heard the case, while the reserved judgment was delivered by Justice Ijaz Anwar, which held that the Election Commission’s December 22 order was unconstitutional.

The court said that the December 22 decision of the Election Commission is declared null and void, the Election Commission should publish the party certificate of PTI on the website under Section 209 of the Election Act 2017, and the Election Commission under Section 215 of the Election Act 2017 Allot the election symbol ‘Bala’. The court said that the written judgment will be issued later.

Barrister Senator Ali Zafar said on the court verdict that Election Commission had taken away the bat sign from PTI through an illegal order. Peshawar High Court has annulled the order of Election Commission.

It was said that the intra-party elections should be held in 20 days, when the PTI held the election, it was said that the commissioner appointed for this election was not correct, on which the intra-party election was declared null and void.

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